the colourful eyecatcher

for home & garden

the colourful eyecatcher

for home & garden


The Crysabella collection is available in several eye catching sleeves. We pride ourselves to offer our high quality plants presented in something special. We chose a stylish and striking design that we adapt to the season in line with the colour of the plant.

We continuously try to surprise our customers with new types: the so-called Specialties. These are plants with a special flower shape, or an unusual colour combination. These specialties are carefully selected and cultivated. We differentiate ourselves by providing innovative and unique plants.

Many of our plants we sell in mix, this way you have more choices to follow trends, seasons and holidays. Common mixes are the Crysabella Original-,Double or Autumn mix. Any combination is possible. We think with you to create the perfect mix.

A Chrysabella is combined well with all the different colours and is the ultimate colour accent in each interior.

chrysabella assortiment


Berkhout Plants is a nursery growing potted chrysanthemums from the Chrysabella collection.

chrysabella inspiratie


There is a Chrysabella plants to suit every season, and they are suitable for keeping indoors or outdoors.

chrysabella verzorging


Chrysabella potted chrysanthemums are very easy plants to care for.