the colourful eyecatcher

for home & garden

the colourful eyecatcher

for home & garden


The Chrysabella collection distinguishes itself by being very flowery. The Chrysabella collection is available as a complete range in a variety of different beautiful colours.

We grow the chrysanthemums in a pot size of 12 cm.

The colour palette is fresh and bright. This allows us to respond to the seasons and trends of the moment.

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Primula Obconica "Touch Me"

Primula Obconica "Touch Me" is a cheerful winterbloomer with strikingly coloured flowers. This is available from week 1 t / m 6, a period during which supplies of Chrysabella Collections are limited, available in 12 cm pots in various colours.

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Berkhout Plants is a nursery growing potted chrysanthemums from the Chrysabella collection.

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There is a Chrysabella plants to suit every season, and they are suitable for keeping indoors or outdoors.

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Chrysabella potted chrysanthemums are very easy plants to care for.